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It aims to inspire playworkers working face to face with children,

inform professors, trainers, specialists and officials within the sector,

and share ideas among the academic community.

It aims to remove any barriers within this mixed group

by choosing to focus on the one interest they all share;


If you are not in any of the aforementioned categories

then you are probably reading this because you either

work with children – for example in teaching -

have children of your own or foster,

or are simply just interested in

the child’s need to pLaY!

 iP-D!P is a vibrant weekly magazine

designed to provide professionals in play

with a weekly magazine on all things Play and Playwork related!
We aim to send you a weekly email with the PDF of the magazine attached.
We want to give you a Friday breakfast read, but there are times when
we just don't make it and it either comes late or not at all.

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